Thank you for visiting the website of Qatar International Petroleum Marketing Company Ltd. (Tasweeq) (www.tasweeq.com.qa).

With effect from October 27, 2016, the name of Qatar International Petroleum Marketing Company Ltd. (Tasweeq) has been changed to Qatar Petroleum for the Sale of Petroleum Products Company Limited Q.J.S.C. ("QPSPP"). This change was effected pursuant to Law (9) of 2016 of the State of Qatar, which amended Decree Law (15) of the Year 2007 Concerning the Organization of Marketing and Selling of Regulated Products Outside the State of Qatar. This Law also appointed Qatar Petroleum as QPSPP's agent to market and sell Regulated Products (as defined in the Law) for QPSPP. Qatar Petroleum assumed the role of QPSPP's marketing agent with effect from 19th of December 2016.

You may reach Qatar Petroleum's Marketing Directorate by following this link. For any additional queries with regards to the above, you may visit Qatar Petroleum website (www.qp.com.qa) or contact us on marketing@qp.com.qa